Image Adjustment & Capture

If you wish, we can carry out some or all of the image file adjustments prior to print for you. In this case, you should provide your image files in TIFF or JPEG format, include the print size required for each image, and we can adjust the image file accordingly. This service can include:

- Colour and tonal balancing and corrections.
- Resizing to print size, including borders and any cropping required.
- Base and Output Sharpening.
- Retouching.

Please note that if you require substantial adjustments to colour or tone it is better to supply the file in 16-bit, not 8-bit.

We charge a standard rate of £40 per hour or part thereof for this service, with a minimum charge of 15 minutes.

Test & Proof Prints

To allow the testing of different papers or proofing an image at large scale, we can provide test and proof prints on request, so you can evaluate the output settings and final image quality. These can be printed on an A4 section of the scaled image, or as a strip through the image as required. Prices available on request.

Scanning & Image Capture

High resolution scanning of negatives and transparencies from 35mm to 10" x 8" sheet film, and we work with a lot of artists in digitising original artworks for the production of high quality, archival print editions, or images for publication and online use. Retouching, colour correction and full image adjustments services available, or straight scans and image capture as required.

See details of services and prices here: Untitled_Print-Terms__Scanning and Image Capture To dowload Terms & Conditions (PDF)